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Machinery Facilities

The company is backed by its sophisticated machinery, skilled and dedicated workforce.

We employ imported high-speed sewing machinery that ensures unmatchable quality and durability of the garments. Vacuum ironing and Packing are done to retain the fabric characteristics.

Executing the entire process through quality channels, we have a capacity to finish 1,50,000 pieces per month depending on the style complication.

Embroidery Unit

We have our own in-house embroidery unit with 2Nos of 20 heads – 9 colors machines that output a capacity of 35,000 to 45,000 pieces per month depending on the stitches count.

Printing Unit

We have our own in-house printing units to cater all our printing needs.

Machine Details

Machine description  Make Unit
Straight Knife Cutting Machine  LIPU 2
Band Knife Machine SIRUBA 1
Manual Cutting Tables K M 16
Fusing Machines JUKI 1
Over Lock Machines  SIRUBA    18
Over Lock with Thread Trimmer SIRUBA 30
Flat Lock Machines SIRUBA 20
Flat Lock with Thread Trimmer SIRUBA 4
Air Flat Lock Machines SIRUBA 5
Picoating  Machines YAMOTO 1
Net Floating Machines SIRUBA 2
Single Lock Stitch SIRUBA 15
Programmable Single Lock Stitch SIRUBA 52
Button Hole Machine JUKI 1 SET
Stud Pressing Machines INDIA 1 SET
Checking Tables - 45
Bar Tag Machines JUKI 1


Vacuum Ironing Table Set          RAMSONS  16

Stain Remover Machines

Stain Remover Machines RAMSONS  3